First blog post, Finally

Well, it’s about stinking time I started writing a blog. I’ve only been talking about it for the better part of 5 years maybe longer. I couldn’t honestly tell you why it’s taken me so long, whether it was a fear of failure or just an unwillingness to make time for things I really love, like writing, as if that would, somehow, make me selfish . My name is Astra & Dear me, Signed You, is a way of writing to myself as a woman and a mother. To allow myself a chance of stepping back and providing a healthy dose of perspective in what seems to be a world of relentless criticism of mothers and women by people, including their fellow mothers and women. At 25 almost 26 I feel as though the woman in me struggles with the mother in me, they are not one in the same! This is my journey in finding that balance. Being a mother to my little one is the single most amazing gift I’ve ever been given!  I now have greater understanding of the woman I was meant to be! But during this epic adventure of parenthood the woman I was before children has taken a back seat, as it usually does when priorites shift for your spouse, your little one or your career and that is nothing to be ashamed of! I’m starting this blog now,  because I have found I don’t entirely miss the woman I was before it all, she’s still in there and  I now know that women and mothers alike are the masters of achieving what sometimes seems to be an impossible balance between all our responsibilities and our passions ! It’s such a beautiful journey we go through, and I’m hoping to convey that, sharing and uplifting women along the way.

Yamina and Me

11 thoughts on “First blog post, Finally”

  1. You are so beautiful inside and out. The last time you were in Los Angeles was the first time that I encounteried you as an adult. I observed an intelligent and free young lady. I felt proud to be your auntie. Your conversation and interactions with the family humored me, and I knew then that you would be okay out here in this world. I have experienced in life as a woman that vulnerability to the passions of our lives promotes maturity. Being a mom, single and married, sister, auntie, wife, friend, niece, cousin and mentor has afforded me a variety of experiences tbat have forever humbled me and shaped my life as a woman. These roles are the passions of my life and are emcompassed with much responsibility and witb great integrity. The decisions in my life have not always been the best choices, but I learned great lessons from all my endeavors. The most important hope in a
    my life has come from my acknowledgement and love of Jesus Christ as my savior. My hope is steadfast and anchored day to day. God has shaped me and is continually molding me through my wonanhood here on earth. I welcome the challenges of continued growth on this journey of life as a woman. Trust and believe that you are right where God wants you to be in your life today.


  2. I absolutely love this and I can’t wait what more you have in offer for us! Love you astra so proud that your finally putting your gift of writing into something you love! ❤️

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