I’m dreaming even if no one’s asking 

So, now that I’ve graduated college, settled down, started a family, had a baby, gotten a decent job with some benefits I’m officially done dreaming… Aren’t I? I mean, that’s the only explanation for why people have stopped asking me “Astra, what do you want to do”. Im obviously only allowed to dream until I’ve reached all the “societal milestones” and then my dreaming abilities are nullified.

College graduation 2013

There’s this expectation that once you become an adult, and more so, once you become a parent your dreams become secondary or… imaginary. I say more so after becoming a parent, because you’re supposed to start preparing for your kids dreams, and if you are dreaming separate from that, or dreaming simultaneously for yourself while also dreaming for them, then you are inherently and obviously a terrible parent. what garbage. Don’t get me wrong I always dreamed of being a mom, and I’m so grateful every single day, but my dreams didn’t just end there. I wish more people would ask me, “so, what’s next?” Because contrary to popular belief, my life did not stop progressing just because I’ve accomplished some of the things I said wanted to do!

It’s so easy to think your dreams and goals have less weight to them now, since no one seems to take a great interest in them anymore, or you, yourself  have lost sight of them because life moves so swiftly. To remedy this,  I’m proposing, to ask yourself what it is that you dream of, or that you STILL dream of and then.. talk about it…talk about it in the same frequency you talk about your job or your kids, to everyone. After all, it is our own responsibility to place an importance on our dreams and goals, while, I know, it is much easier to shift the blame on everyone else.

Is it not important to show our families and friends and especially our children that we are capable of growth? that our dreams don’t ever stop manifesting despite our age? It’s invaluable.

I still dream. Dream of what careers I will still have, what lands I will visit and adventures I will take with my family, because despite all the milestones I have already reached, and the general lack of intrest that seems to take place now that I have reached them, I still dream with as much ferocity and drive as I ever did. Why stop now? #NeverStopDreaming


7 thoughts on “I’m dreaming even if no one’s asking ”

  1. I always wanna know “what’s next?” For all of us! I don’t really think of myself, at least, as a really “real” grown up cuz our parenrs are still around, & some of us, our grandparents! Some of y’all gots kids (like when Peter Pan went & grew up in Hook)…Some of you have college degrees, & fancy smanchy jobs with fancy smanchy benefits….Some of you accomplished amazing things…But when I post a video of us our junior year homecoming video….The first suggestion for the reunion is casa Bonita… We’ve all just barely hit the tip of the ice berg(& there’s so much left to do & see & know & learn & live explore!!!)…& While some of us still have some catching up to do….I can’t wait to see where each & every one of up!
    You’re SUCH a fantastically amazing women!!!!!😘😘

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  2. You know, kids thrive more when their parents dream for themselves. This is where they learn of drive and tenacity. It’s where they discover that life is limitless and not even remotely defined by societal milestones.

    Brilliant, Astra!

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