No one said it, Everyone knew

Right before you become a parent, everyone’s like “oooohh myyy godd it’s the best thing everrr, being a parent is amazing you’re going to love it” …. while this is 100 percent true, best thing ever, love it, wouldn’t trade it.. there was some minor details that were left out… that everyone who was already a parent, already knew and chose not to tell you!

My belly at 30+ weeks

First, breastfeeding! I’ll be honest, I miss breastfeeding, it was such an awesome bonding experience with my baby, I really valued that time. While it is good for your baby, and great for losing baby weight, literally no one told me that the first few weeks it would be more painful than watching Calliou on repeat while feeling like your tatas were being scrubbed with a copper bristle pad. That’s a useful bit of information, thank you god for lactation specialists, I would’ve died without one. 
Secondly, sleep. Everyone tells you sleep while you can, forgetting to take into account that once you’re 7 months pregnant, you will only be sleeping 2 hours at a time anyway, that’s IF your bladder let’s you make it that long! No one tells you that the one time your baby sleeps through the night, you will wake up 50 times to make sure they are okay (you had one shot at a good nights sleep… one shot… although some of you had babies sleeping through the night at 6 weeks… *irritated eye roll* lol). I think it’s left out exactly how sleep deprived one may become & how crazy that can make you feel.

Thirdly- Hygiene, I had a solid year of feeling like showers were a privilege and not a right. We’re talking I’m hearing baby phantom crying, real crying, mostly right after lathering my whole body in soap.. you know what I’m talking about! Showering became an MI-6 mission, in and out – 9 minutes flat!  I started to shower with the curtain open so baby could see me , buying myself an extra 2 minutes!  Rocking the mom bun every chance I got!

Soooo “Omg, how did you make it through that?! It sounds so hard!”

Well, it is hard!! But, the inexplicable, over powering love you feel surging through you every time you look at them, or hear them or think of them! So serious, it almost moves you to tears (sometimes it does!!) who knew you could love someone so much?! It truly does make all the above worth it. 

So, it started to register for me, that the reason no one tells you all the other stuff is because it is all worth it in the end. BUT I feel like people should talk about it, and tell you, so you don’t go through those months, covered in spit up, formula or breast milk, constantly thinking you’re the only one who has ever felt like you’ve truly hit rock bottom of the parenting pond. So if you’ve been through it, or are going through it… you aren’t the only one, you’re supposed to smell like that, it’s completely normal… you aren’t mentally unstable, you just need a nap.. and a snickers.. we understand. Someone should’ve said something!


3 thoughts on “No one said it, Everyone knew”

  1. I love the pictures you put with your posts! Always so sweet-im always telling my mom- ” hey, look at more cute baby pictures”… & she’s “like that ta’astra is so beautiful!” (God do you remember those hilarious conversations we used to have in math?) -that -le or -ta comment you made is like the only one she still remembers…😁

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    1. I try to break up all the words with photos! It’s easier to digest that way! Your mom is so sweet ❤️. Lol I do remember them! HAHA! Yes well that was one of my funnier comments so I’m flattered she remembers anything I said lol


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