Snap back… What’s That?! 

When I found out I was pregnant I was 115 pounds soaking wet… by the time I delivered I was 168 (dear god). I didn’t over indulge (I mean…occasionally), I walked often and was mindful of how I ate. I just packed on weight, like nobodies business. I was unphased, Truly, I thought I would snap back after I had my daughter, turns out it’s  a slower process than I originally imagined. Here I am, writing this, almost 3 years postpartum.. and I’m till waiting for “the snap”.

4 months before I was pregnant

7 weeks before giving birth
After I had my daughter, The first 30lbs melted off like ice cream in Arizona! Breast feeding and house work kept me  busy with the baby, it just went away, without any real work or sweat. Re-affirming, to me, the “snap” was in progress. The other 20 plus pounds, after plenty of work & sweat have not been so cooperative and it’s been a real battle of self love.

My body had morphed into a wider, more robust version of what it once was. My tummy has stretch marks (that didn’t even show up until 38 weeks! WHAT WAS THE COCOA BUTTER FOR?!?). Admittedly, I didn’t want to get used to it, I didn’t want to love my body as it was presently, that was not MY body, I loved the body I had previously I had no intention of loving this stranger version of what once was. I would get the original back!… well, I was wrong, while some women do get their “original bodies” back, that would not be me. My shape is different, hips are a little wider, My body will always reflect a time when life was inside me! It will never be THE SAME  And I’ve learned to love it.

2.5 years post partum still carrying 20lbs extra

With all the other pressures that women face and Mothers face to be perfect, I no longer indulge the idea of the snap back. What Snapping back means. I mean of course I’m working out, with a set goal in mind, to be the best I can be, but im cutting myself some slack. I will strive to be the best version of me for myself, and no one else.  We are all different, we gain weight different, we lose weight different… it happens super fast for some and slow for others. Your “problem spot” is someone else’s goal!  For me, it used to be a competition, like, what would people think if I didn’t “snap back” LOL … honestly who cares?! (Omg seriously, who cares).

So my advice, after having battled with myself for longer than I care to admit, love yourself, take care of yourself and be the healthiest version of yourself, whatever that looks like… it’s not easy, especially after you’ve had kids, it can be frustrating, and discouraging, but don’t give up! Love love love yourself, your body will follow suit!  You’re beautiful, dare someone to tell you different !


6 thoughts on “Snap back… What’s That?! ”

  1. This is beautiful. I love reading your truth, it’s comforting and inspiring. I’m still struggling to love my body 4 years later. This is not the same body I used to have. It doesn’t react the same, it does things it never did before, some parts even move completely separate from the rest of my body. I don’t want to be stick thin, I just want to be comfortable in my clothes. Hallelujah for leggings 😂

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    1. Yes! Exactly, all the things that used to work for my body no longer do!! It’s like I’m learning my body all over again!
      Lol amen to that!! Without leggings I would entirely lost 😂


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