It’s just a bunch of stuff

Let’s just be plain with each other, at this point in my life , I had half expected to have done more! 25 just snuck up on me, like “oh hi there, shall we begin the 5 year countdown to 30″ … I wasn’t ready. I said “hold on, slow down, I had some things I wanted to achieve before this stage in my life“.. but of course that’s not how life works! Time never stops, not even for the friendly, begging, 25 (almost 26) year old who said pretty please

I find myself constantly comparing myself to people who are, or are close to, my age. I think to myself, “well, this person has already done XYZ and they are MY AGE, I’m obviously behind!”

 I think the way we measure (or at least how I used to measure) success, is through … stuff. From a degree, to a job, to where you live, what you drive, what kind of phone you have. Just a whole bunch of stuuffff. When I started to measure what I tangibly had versus what other people had, I started to feel as if I weren’t as successful as I had originally thought. 

I was talking to a friend of mine, about college, where and what we are doing now, post grad and how we both envisioned ourselves somewhere ENTIRELY different, in different careers, doing different things. How we got to where we are now, at the time felt like a constant string of setbacks but how strange to think we are currently the happiest and most fulfilled we have ever felt. Chasing balance and true happiness within ourselves! That is the true measure of success, where your happiness & self worth are equal to or surpass all the stuuffff. How often do people have endless stuff and can’t seem to grab hold of their own happiness? 

 I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt a little behind… or bound to a job that drains everything from you, so you can maintain all the stuff. but the truth is if you are working TOWARD ANYTHING, then you are never behind, it is just later along your timeline. So if you’re going to measure your success, try to eliminate the monetary value, and apply the less tangible. What are you worth as a person when all the stuff is gone?? That’s what counts. That’s the definition of success, all the extra stuff is a bonus.

*disclaimer: I’m not saying don’t buy stuff that you want, I’m just saying don’t let it define your success as a person… basically 


2 thoughts on “It’s just a bunch of stuff”

  1. Love that!! I realized after my 29th that the ever looming 30th was nothing !! I was where I was and each year was a new adventure!! I am 46 and have never been happier!! Stuff didn’t get me here!! People and love and laughter!! Now that is life!!!

    Great post girl!!!

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    1. Im so glad you enjoyed it 🤗 & Yes!! ❤️ that is so true, friendships, relationships, memories those are what form a great life! I couldn’t agree more!


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