Happiness: Straight From a Box

When I was a stay at home mom I made everything from scratch that I could, while I felt like I often had a shortage of time, attending to all my mom duties I found ways to make sure my child was stimulated and involved, and most importantly, eating everything as close to homemade as possible. Thanksgiving 2016 I made literally every. single. thing. from scratch (with the exception of the pasta, for the mac-n-cheese) It took me TWO full days. I felt good, I was proud (of course Mina only ate like two bites, I tried hard to not let that offend me haha).  Now I am a working mom, my days are LONG, my time seems fleeting, my time with Mina, even more so. On a good day I get home around 630 leaving me 3 hours to cook dinner, convince my child to eat said dinner, bathe her, get her in her PJ’s love on her, let out my dog,  & read a story – before bed. No time for much else, and certainly not enough time to make EVERYTHING from scratch.

I missed having Mina help me in the kitchen, having the patience to let her stir at her own pace, and waimg_3739tching her feel so accomplished when whatever we made was finished. SO, I went to the store, I bought Pumpkin Puree & a Spice Cake Mix – straight out of the box, and brought it home. I took down a BIG bowl and I opened the box of cake mix and the can of pumpkin puree and I let Mina dump it into the bowl & stir it (its literally two ingredients)! I let her spoon it out and slap it down onto the cookie sheet – no symmetry, no uniformity just HEAPS of batter! I placed them into the oven and while they cooked we sang all the songs Mina wanted to sing & when they were done she was smiling from ear to ear! She was SO proud & I was proud.

Of course, I want my baby to eat healthy, I want my whole family to eat healthy, and balanced and as close to homemade as possible, & it isn’t always realistic. I didn’t give a crap that it was from a box and a can, or that the finished product kind of resembled fried chicken & neither did she.



She had fun, and for, what feels like the first time since I started working, I was able to give her a little bit of “the before” & it came straight from a box.


Recipe .


4 thoughts on “Happiness: Straight From a Box”

  1. We miss you guys so much and I love Mina I’m going to have to post it on Facebook she is a doll I hope keep your head up Miss that’s what working moms do seems like we have no time for ourselves and barely enough time to give the kids…… tell Mina I said hello and regards to the hubby


    1. You’re totally right, seems like there just isn’t enough time in the day 😫 but we get done what we gotta get done! We miss you guys too, and miss Florida, Mina misses the water, so do I lol
      Remy is so big now! And such a good girl!


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