She Needs A Da*n Nap!!

I am not perfect. I try to be the best parent I can be, and that is why my child, has to take naps.

It seems so trivial to some, but nap time is so essential for me!! I become a different a Mom altogether when Mina doesn’t nap. It is not that I NEED a break from her,  it’s that my sanity is directly tied to her behavior. Any major holiday, barbecue, lunch dates, basically anything that could happen between the hours of noon – 3pm are basically “the dead hours” for me… the thought of participating gives me anxiety.

Invariably, there are times that we have those prior commitments, usually involving more sugar than I am comfortable with, during or around nap time & she will morph into this impatient, fussy, irrational version of herself — I seem to do the very same.  I become resentful for having even left the house WITH the knowledge it would end in this way.  The rare occasion that we do get to spend the whole day together & it has been tainted, by my harsh tone of voice & my impatience with my normally well behaved and well mannered child. It All could have been avoided if I had just said “I’m sorry I can’t make it, it is nap time then.”


We go out in a public space or are with people who don’t have kids, they are just completely shocked “my god, look at how that child is behaving” or “she is normally so sweet, whats her deal?!” and while my frustration is written clear as day through my body language and facial expression, all I can seem to say is “we missed nap time” and that seems so trivial to people who don’t understand.  We will load into the Car, where she will undoubtedly fall asleep, and I will look in the rear view mirror at her, sleeping peacefully, like the angel that she is, and curse myself the whole ride home for being so hard on her knowing it was my fault in the first place. She needs a damn nap, and I know that.


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