I’m Back.

Well, well, well.... it's been awhile .. a really long while since I wrote anything. In the spirit of honesty, the reason I haven't wrote much is because I let my anxiety take over something that I love to do. I wanted to be real - I also wanted to be uplifting & end every… Continue reading I’m Back.


She Needs A Da*n Nap!!

I am not perfect. I try to be the best parent I can be, and that is why my child, has to take naps. It seems so trivial to some, but nap time is so essential for me!! I become a different a Mom altogether when Mina doesn't nap. It is not that I NEED a… Continue reading She Needs A Da*n Nap!!

If These Walls Could Talk…The Kingsley plantation

This summer, while we were in Florida I coerced my husband to take me to the Kingsley Slave Plantation on my birthday, of all days. Yeah, I know, not exactly the ideal "turn up" but I wanted to go so bad! I've had this... I dunno.. yearning to expand my knowledge of the history of… Continue reading If These Walls Could Talk…The Kingsley plantation

Days like this 

The one thing that I always wanted from my blog was honesty. Positivity and encouragement, of course, but honesty and transparency were really important to me. Because life is not always “you can do it’s” and “don’t stop believing’s” (which by the way you can do it, and don’t stop believing 😊 ) but life… Continue reading Days like this 

HiHo HiHo, it’s off to work we go (*soft sobs*) 

Today my, before nap, my two year old did her very best to serenade me to sleep singing twinkle twinkle. My inner dialogue was on a steady loop of "Do I have to go back to work? Do I have to? Couldn't I just stay home with my little one? I could stay home...yeah... *long… Continue reading HiHo HiHo, it’s off to work we go (*soft sobs*) 

From One Step Parent to Another, with love

I am a step mother to a vibrant, beautiful, smart 6 (almost 7) year old girl, Nylah. The delicate dynamic between her parents has made the bond her and I share, very unique and special. I was also able to parent Nylah, for a time, before I became pregnant and had Yamina. So, in a way,… Continue reading From One Step Parent to Another, with love